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This page was last edited on Saturday, March 19, 2011

New XML, HTML and ASP Sites's HTML Software and Resources Page - A great resource for the new (and old) for HTML. From the History of HTML, to How to articles and Mark-up reference material. A very useful site. Thanks to Mrs. Lowe and her class of brilliant students.

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New C# (C-sharp) Sites

Code Project - Vast and exstensive article, code samples, tutorials and sample book chapters.

Newly Posted VB Sites

Classic Visual Basic - Karl E. Peterson is back and posting new code for VB6. This guy knows his stuff.

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New Access (Microsoft Access Database) Sites

Peter's Software - Free and for charge tools, add-ins and code. Nice selection here.

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New Flash Sites

actionscript-toolbox - great site for learning Flash action scripting. Well explained tutorials and most have downloadable source files. I'm really impressed with the work on this web site.

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