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"Fun, Fun, Fun... until the files come home."



MIDI Files
 Mission Impossible
 Peter Gunn
 Just a Gigolo
 What is this called?


Screen Savers
  MandleWhat 2 fractal images - and a weird masking technique make for a cool screen saver. (A Pun on the Mandelbrot fractal name). 5/31/2002  
  A SINE WAVE of the Bubbles  A new screen saver I made with Flash MX and Flash Wiz. 5/7/2002  
  Flag Screen Saver (Sept 11, 2001) For you patriotic types.
  Vain - This is something I made from Flash Wiz and the great stuff at
  Zinfo IP address lookup


Flash Examples
  Balloons in Flash -Flash MX Action Scripting Example. More Details  





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