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Good Bye Old Friend

How do you say good bye when you've already left? I'll miss you Rick!

I can't believe you've been gone for more than a year now. No, scratch that, for over two years. Wait!  Another correction. It's been three years. ...WAIT! ...Wrong! This happeded in 6 YEARS AGO. You helped me with when I was just starting my new job and loaned me the money so I could get a tank of gas and make it there. You never even thought twice about doing it, even though you were on a very limited income. Had I known that you only had but a few days left on this planet, I wouldn't have spent so much of it at my new job. I still think about you, nearly everyday. You made a huge impact on my life and then you were gone.

I hope there is a God. I'm sure he has you right next to him. I'll never forget you.

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Not much of a Blog, but you gotta start somewhere.

What was I thinking... I must be dumb.

The below entry (What makes a friend, a friend) was directed at a former friend that I had a parting of our ways. In other words, we don't talk anymore. I was so caught up in the anger and disgust caused by this non-friend, that I disregarded friends that still mean something to me. I spent time being agitated over nothing at the same time I wasn't covering my end of the "friendship" bargain (See the 4 Traits below)

I must be dumb.

On a related note, an idiot told me this gem:

"There is no dumb, only forgetful."

I'd like to take that thinking a little further and say

"There is no dumb only forgetful and / or careless."

Now, how to correct what I've done?

What makes a friend, a friend?

There are all kinds of people in this world. Different in many ways, shapes, forms, thoughts, and ideas. And hopefully you know that people are not exactly a carbon copy of yourself. What you're thinking, is not always what someone else is thinking having been presented with the same situation.

How we become friends? Complicated. Maybe we worked together and were forced into the same cramped cubical designed for one and we got to talking. Or we rode the same bus together day after day and we talked about how our favorite football team has a lousy coach. Or maybe a friend introduced us and we had a few things in common, not many, but a few things but we enjoyed talking about the each others hobbies and learning from one another.

It doesn't matter how or why we become friends, but its important that what keeps a friendship alive is a few key, yet essential responsibilities each of us have to uphold.

4 Traits of a Friend

  • Trust

  • Communication

  • Dependability

  • Strength of Character

I'll explore these 4 traits in the coming weeks.

Positive Thinking...

All the experts say that positive thinking is the best way to influence a better outcome for your life. For the most part I think that they're right. For instance, yesterday, I was thinking about how much more I would enjoy life if I could just lose some weight, but today I am definitely, positively thinking about pizza. That vaguely conflicts with my thoughts from yesterday. Most definitely. I'm positive about that.

That's positive thinking... isn't it?

Another example... I had a friend who had been married for a little over a year. This wasn't a happy marriage from the beginning. She was thinking about getting a divorce within 3 months of being married. This wasn't her first marriage and he had two previous marriages under his belt. It seemed the only thing this guy wanted to do was please his father and pedal road racing bikes back and forth to work.

Since they lived about 30 miles from where he worked it could take hours on some days for him to get home. She wasn't sure that she could do anymore at home to win his attention back. She tried everything, including talking about his father's weird hobbies, doing more of the chores around the house, giving him space and even lying for him to cover on days he got lost pedaling and didn't show for work.

The harder she tried the more he resisted. So finally, she felt it was all or nothing and she was going to clear this up once and for all. She was positive she could make some sort of impact in his life...

So she ran him over.

She said she never did like bicycles and she was positive about that.

  VB6 RAS Connectoid Mod Update

Gary Catlin of HV Test made a modification to the code to serialize connectoids. Check out the update.

P.D. - The Wonder Dog


Dude, people are strange.

VPN RAS Connectoid Sample Application posted

The first revision of my VB6 source code and sample application posted here.

  No 1. PC Up and Running
And I have to thank a vast number of people:

The Technical Wizards at Spartan Technologies who went out of their way to rush me a new motherboard and CPU.

The phone tech support people (not the online chat dorks) at Micron Technology's Crucial Memory. Without their help I would have never discovered the actual problem.

The woman in PC components at Fry's Electronics in Concord, CA for helping me figure out component wattages... it was an eye opener.

RSA EAP Protocol and the DUN Connector

Sounds like the title to R2D2's autobiography, doesn't it?

This is what I've been spending the majority of my time on. Creating a custom installer for this secure protocol and programming a unique utility to change or create dial-up and VPN connectors (or connectoids) for 3300 computers.


Project Pickup - Part II

As you may or may not know, I bought a brand new 2003 Chevy Silverado LS with an extended cab and the larger 5.3 liter engine last June. It replaced the aging Picture Perfect Purple Pickup Project.

Step 1. April 24, 2004 - Wheels and tires: 20 inch Helo rims with some substantial Goodyear rubber (285/50 R20).

Here's a picture.

Dude. I've been busy. I'll be updating more very soon.

Towers in the Mist - My Bryce Renderings

Balloons in Flash - an Flash MX Action Scripting Example

A 2003 Chevy Silverado LS is now sitting in my drive way!!!

Steve's Video Conference

Me (Steve Carter) at work enjoying a lengthy video conference.


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