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Strange Places, Interesting Sites and Reference Links

  Stupid but Fun Games or Time Wasters
  CasualCollective - Great Games!
  YouTube - Find everyone's stupid, idiotic, painful to watch, worthless videos on Anyone with a camera these days seems to think everyone else wants to see them and what asinine things they can do in front of the camera.  The irony in the whole stupid mix is they are correct.  Millions of people tune in to see what everybody else is posting...  CRAZY! - This game is fun, seriously.  You can play with play money while you are learning the game.  Then when you think you're up for a challenge, you can give them some real money to play with... the best part is... you can win real money, too.  Oops... correction... in the States they have outlawed this now. - People do stupid things.  They video tape themselves while being stupid.  They send the video in to and we get to laugh at them.
  Addicting Games - Hundreds of games to waste away your idle time.
  Fetch Fido Games - Another site with hundreds of games.  I'm stuck on Curve Ball.
  Free Allegiance - A game Microsoft abandoned and these guys picked up.  And now they're working on new versions.  It's a free multiplayer space conquest game.  Lots of fun.
  Norbert Kehrer's Emulators Web - This guy has somehow emulated all the old Sega, Nintendo and other video games that we popular when I was a teenager. We're talking about 10 to 15 years ago.  And it's all JAVA based.  No ActiveX control to download... no marketing spyware to install.  Just
  POGO - If you have to waste some time... you might as well have fun doing it.
  Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator - Need a unique super-hero name?
  The Useless Fact Machine - Give a useless fact. Get a useless fact.  Oh, boy.  What fun. - "The" online gaming site.


  Interesting, "Keep Your brain Working" sites
  The Memory Hole - "Rescuing Knowledge, Freeing Information".
If only 10% of the things listed on this site are true... we live in a very scary country.
  History of the Button - OK.  You're saying to yourself... "Self, why would I want to check out a web site devoted to History of those 12 pushy thingies on my telephone."  And I would reply, because it's actually interesting and some of the videos there are funny.  Go check it out..


Strange and Funny Sites
Odd Todd - Unemployed DOT-COM'er, sort of looking for work makes for funny stuff.  Really funny.
Joe Cartoon - Funny but sometimes gross humor.  ("Kick Ass!")
Mondo Mini Shows - All kinds of parodies of current topics.  Check out the bit about "Enron: Facing the Music.
ILLWILLPRESS - Foamy the Squirrel.  Join the foamy card cult and send him money.



Strange, but Interesting Sites

  origami boulder - What's one man's art is another man's wadded up piece of paper.  This guy is serious.

SETI - distributed Computing Power in Search of E.T. Node Zero
Distributed Computing Power in Search of Encryption Keys
  Hubble Space Telescope
  SPACE.COM - News, Videos and Pictures about.... (can you guess?)  SPACE!


Reference Sites


Sites that will get your testosterone flowing

NASCAR - Professional Stock Car Racing... (Stock? Tell me what car dealer has these kinds of cars for sale.) 
NHRA - Championship Drag Racing
John Force - (His new web site is under construction)  John Force drives Top Fuel Funny Cars in the NHRA.  He is the dominant driver and has won the championship many times.  See what it's like to drive a car a quarter of a mile, going from Zero to over 300 miles an hour in just a couple of seconds.

He wrote on his old web site that he has more G's exerted on his body than the shuttle astronauts do when they take off from Cape Canaveral for Space.


Software/Free download sites

  CNet -
  Free Ware Files

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