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The Picture Purple Truck

Steve's 1995 Purple Nissan Pickup

This truck is lucky purple is my favorite color.  I first saw it sitting on the dealers lot on Dec 31, 1999 at 2PM. By 3:15, I had gone to the bank, got a cashier's check, signed all the paper work and was the full owner.

Mostly, because it was purple.

But, it had a funny stick on, decal stripe down the side that was fading and a funny white tool box behind the cab.  It wasn't very... stylish.

So, in the summer of 2001, I hooked up with my buddy, Wes and by the end of September this is the finished product:

Purple Beast History02/28/2010
Purple Beast Today02/28/2010
The First Steps02/28/2010

Picture Purple Project Pickup


Click on the Thumbnail Pictures to see a larger version of the Picture Purple Project Pickup


News Update: The Picture Purple Project Pickup goes up in FLAMES

So I have this wild hair growing some where on the lower half of my body, which makes me do some crazy things.  This time it's having Wes paint flames on my the front of my truck.  It took him  4 weeks....and he's still has a few things to finish.  But just so you can see that I haven't been telling you the biggest fish story for the past month, here's some video I took with my web-cam.  It's a 1,356 kb file of the soon to be flamin' truck. That was before the paint went down.

Additional Update

Today (Sunday Sept 15th) Buddy (my sister's boyfriend) and I went back over to "Help" Wes in any way we could so that I can have my truck back before the end of the next century.

So, It's looking good.  Just some details to clean up, here and there. 

So HERE's the pictures!!!:


Click on the thumbnail pictures to see a larger version of the Purple Pickup going up in flames



Thanks to Many...

Many Thanks go out to Wes:  Man of a million talents and Automotive Artist Unparalleled.  (I just wish he wasn't such a Big Ass Procrastinator) (28 days!!! It took him.  16 of which I had a rental car, which I won't say how much it cost because my friends and family would kill me.)

(Message to Wes: "Dude, there's a couple of ladies here at work that are looking for the big, teddy bear type.")

Buddy Vincent: Thanks for the many times you were available at a moments notice to help.  Also, thanks for getting Wes up and working on my truck when he would have stayed at home and studied the inside of his eyelids.

(Message to Buddy: "I don't know which one of you is more insane.  You or my sister.  But if crazy is, as crazy does... you're a perfect match.")

Susan Carter:  For being so understanding and helpful, particularly for those last 12 days that I didn't have a rental or my truck.

(Message to Susan: "I don't know which one of you is more insane.  You or Buddy.  But if crazy is, as crazy does... you're a perfect match.")

Edwin Bacal:  For letting me hitch a ride back and forth to work when I didn't have a ride.

Justin Holmes: For letting me steal his Mercury for a couple of days.  I had made cookies for both you and Edwin but you called in sick so your boss hijacked them.  Edwin said they were good.

My Team at Fair, Isaac:  For putting up with all my complaining, and now my "have you seen the latest pictures?"  At some point I figured one of them to snap and throw me out the window, but so far they've been really cool with me being so obsessive about the purple beast.


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