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Big Truck Upgrade...

2003 Chevy Silverado LS 2x4 with a 5.3liter V8. 
w/ 20-inch rims!

Life Rocks!



Enter the Big Truck...

Gone is the little purple truck.  It was fun while it lasted.  She'll make someone very happy.  But, hot damn!  I bought a big truck!

2003 Chevy Silverado LS 2x4 with a 5.3liter V8. 

Life Rocks!



    Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself... "Nice, but just not possible."  And time passes and you wonder... "What would have happened.... if I had only tried."  But as everything does... your paths drift apart.

So what do you do if you get a second chance?  Only now, there are even bigger obstacles to overcome if you ever wanted to attempt to have a relationship.

So is it true... "Is it better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all?"  I can see both sides of this argument. 

C'est la vie.


Hello again, I'm not asleep. Really.

    You know how sometimes you just forget, well, like your name, or something?  Well, I've been forgetting to update this page.  Well, I can tell you this.  You haven't been missing a thing. 

What's that old adage?  "No news, is good news."  In this case.... it's "No news, because you have a boring life."


Barry Bonds is a Giant in the Game

    Barry Bonds just tied Mark McGuire's single season Home Run Count.  I can't wait to see what he does on Saturday!


A Presidential Quote

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force;
like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.
Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.

óGeorge Washington


The Return of the "Purple Ride".

    Ok, so I went and did it.  I painted my purple truck....PURPLE!  So, what's the big deal?  I'll tell you what's the big deal.  This was no ordinary Miracle Auto body, $299 special.  This is a live without your truck for 8 days, 4 days of just prep work, two tone fade, with four different kinds of pearl, look at one way it's one color, look at it another way and it's a different color, $3,000.00 work of art.

And it's still not done... We still have to buff it out (to get ride of the "orange peel" look) and paint the underbody.  I've ordered a rear sway bar which should be here Wednesday and I have to find some of those chrome fender well trim pieces and I'm thinking about a new grill.  I already have purchased and had installed wheels and tires.  I'll post some pictures here in a few days.

It's not a labor of love... it's a labor of frustration, expense, disappointment and a little bit of pride.  But it's definitely not love.  I think I still might sell it and just ride a bike to work.




God, Rest their souls.

    I can't believe the amount of hate and killing that is done in the name of religion.  Just because some bunch of idiots believe that we are the "infidels", they think by killing some of us, even if they go parish in the process their god is going to put them in a special place.  If their God is a true God, he will flush their terrorist's souls down the toilet.

   I can't begin to tell you how this has affected me, personally.  Words don't describe it.  Who did they think they would help by doing that?  They have woke the sleeping giant. Just as the Japanese did in WWII, only this time we will not rest until they are eradicated.

   God, any god, does not preach violence, but God, especially our God is full of retribution for those who take arms against his children. 

    God Bless us, the American People, and let us be strong in the face of a cowardice enemy.


I moved my site to it's new home

Welcome to

Of course this means I'm going to have to spend a little more time and effort into....oh, I don't know... maybe some... Content!?!  And why did I go and get a domain again??? mmmmm... I'm going to have to think about that one for a couple of days.

In the mean time... please read this very serious article about Distributed Computing Screen savers and a man who might go to jail for 15 years because of it. It's posted at cooltech Tech news.


 My first of what will be many VB hints and helps is posted.

Old News: I've spent most of my time adding more links... the rest of this site is not up to standards.  So, check the links and ignore the rest at present.

I have to keep asking myself... what's the point to this web site?  

The answer to my question is... I don't know.  Just goofing off I guess.  One of these days, I'll put together something a little more interesting.  Right now, I'm just testing different ideas and tools.  

The intro flash is one of my first major attempts with Macromedia Flash 5.0, the stupid stuff under the "Experimental Stuff" link  is just things I'm trying out or just goofy things I've found for Flash.


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