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The Connectoid
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VB2008 Gauge Control

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VB Code

Visual Basic 2008 Projects and Code

Gauge/Display Custom User Control
It's a gauge custom user control like a speedometer, or a fuel gauge.  It has a built in function, AccelerateTo(x) to simulate the motion of a real gauge.

Coming Soon: VB.NET Connectoid Manager

Visual Basic 6 Code Snippets, functions, and Tutorials

Global Textbox Select All function
This is a handy function if you are developing a data entry screen.

Winsock Remote Shell Tutorial
How to make a Winsock Client/Server Application in VB 6.0. ( A work in progress )


Projects, Experiences and Talents

RSA EAP Protocol and the Dial-up Connector
I built an application to add or modify DUN Connectors (Connectoids) for this secure protocol.







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